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Focus Groups.

Welcome to the 2020's.

Focus Groups are Feelings vs. Data

The simple question “Do my brand ads work?” may be the hardest question an agency has to answer. For decades advertising has used focus groups to verify/prove ad quality and brand retention/affinity. This methodology depends on users examining their feelings towards an ad. The tested are caught up in a complicated web of:

  • the tested worrying about performing well,

  • self-examination of themselves in the 3rd person and the artificial, 

  • hyper-awareness of being trying to be “normal” while being paid in a test environment.


Often, actually way too often, digital data won't line up to focus group testing. (Does this mean it doesn't work even with traditional media?) Digital gives us the ability to test/poll whether a live ad is actually working or not with tools that test brand recall in real placements. The actual responses cannot be questioned because they are actual results.

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